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Apr 26, 2013 1:42 PM

It's raining! Yay!!

Ian got his new business up and running. He has a class to take the end of May about taxes. He is positive and hopeful.

I was supposed to get some help with some cleaning. It would have been a one time thing, but would have gotten me on top of things. Now that it is going to warm up, I can ride to the senior center and apply for financial help (I already have someone that will do it). I would still have to pay a certain percent, but they would help me pay for so many hours a month. I would have to special qualify because I am not old enough to simply apply.

I'm moving slow... just easily short of breath. Just have to work with it.

I was up early today to get to the bank. I needed cash for a chenille bedspread I bought on a swap and shop site. It's very pretty. I have a small glass or crystal lamp coming this afternoon. Now I need a bed back there!

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