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Apr 20, 2013 3:22 AM

Bow to the Master!

Karina's funeral was yesterday. It was too cold and wet to try to go by wheel chair to the church. I wasn't breathing well, so I gave up trying to go. I think she would understand.

Jennifer didn't get back from Texas until Thursday afternoon, so she didn't give Ian any real chance to study for his HVAC masters test. But I prayed he'd pass it anyway.

So this afternoon, Ian called, and I don't know what he rattled off in the beginning, but I did understand HE PASSED!!!!

I'm so happy and so proud! He's wanted this for a long time! Now he can start his own business. I wish Jennifer had the drive to finish her GED that she has been trying to get for 7 years now. Then she could take a business and accounting class and learn to run the office end of it.

Good grief...it's 2:30am already... later!


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