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Some Places We Lived

The first house we lived in that I can remember was on Rockwood Ave. in Rockwood, TN. It was a two story clap board apartment house. I was about 4 years old. I just barely remember living there. I think our next residence was in Delray Beach, FL. We lived there for a few years. I know I went to the first grade there. This is the place where my sister and I would sneak out of the house at night and go play on the local high school football field. We did that for many nights. One night,my sister fell under the bleachers and cut her knee. We had to go home and wake up mom and dad. This brought an end to our nightly escapades on the football field. We left Florida after my 1st grade and moved back to Rockwood, TN.

I think we moved to a row house. These were built for men who were working at Oak Ridge, TN. We lived in several houses in Rockwood for the next 10-12 years. From the row house, we moved to an apartment house on Kingston Ave. From this house we moved to N. Chamberlain Ave to a rental house. From there we moved to a house that we bought. We lived there until I gratuated from Rockwood High School.

I don't know why we lived in so many houses in one town. My dad was an electrician. He worked for TVA. He worked at steam plants in different aread of the country. My mom was a school teacher.


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