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The last few days I have been doing some better.  I have been getting up and sitting for a period of time.  I have been getting up to the table for my meals.  I still can't go out anywhere except to the patio.  I still get winded pretty easy, and have to lay down for a rest.  I sure hope I get to doing a lot better soon.

I'm looking forward to August 5th.  Another one of my forum friends, Jennifer
Gutleber  is going to stop in for a visit, and have supper with us.  I will be glad to see her again.  She's got 2 of her kids with her this time.

I sure was hoping for some outside setting time this weekend, but it's been a slow misty rain last night and supposed to do the same today and tomorrow.  That knocks me out of sitting out on the patio for any fresh air.  We do have the windows open in the house and the house feels great inside for now.  Hope it doesn't get too how where we'll have to close up and turn the A/C on.

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