April Fools Day

The pups are doing really well. They do a fair bit of vocalizing and wrestle constantly, but they also seem to be figuring out that we're in it for the long haul. 

Today they both had baths.  I spent over 2 hours getting Mani's coat back into shape (brush out, bath, blow dry).  He had a lot of knots and a couple of major matted areas - one on his neck and a big patch on his left hip.   We have just about all of it cleaned out at the moment.   It's amazing how when you split down the mats and pull them apart, it's usually a teensy little knot - maybe 1-2 mm that is the root of the problem that is causing all the havoc in the coat.  In college we had a chapter about this called "Anatomy of a Mat" - and it's all true.  Marci has recommended some coat conditioners which I will have to mail order because the local PetSmart and PetCo don't carry them.  >sigh<  In the meantime, it's T.H.E. Stuff and Stazko spray.

Cassie did not enjoy her bath, but wasn't given a choice.  Well it was just a wetdown and cream rinse and then water rinse plus blowdry.  No shampoo because I wanted to keep the experience short.  She's a wiggle worm, not resigned to her fate like Mani was at her age.   Had to watch her carefully to ensure she didn't get out of the tub or jump off the table.   Found that I could blow dry her ok if I let her snuggle up to me.  Didn't insist that she lay down or anything.   She, like Mani, got lots of praise, silly songs, and dehydrated liver to ease the stress.

Then, I took a well deserved rest.  Watched Frazier on the tube.  Went to check on the pups, who I had put in the kitchen, and this is when I found them peacefully hanging out on the same bed.  

I'm not very happy with my (in)ability to focus the Olympus digital camera.  Once I have $ again, a newer Sony may be in order.  But after buying Cassie, it will be a while before I can afford toys. 

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  • 4/2/06 - daPuffin (CANEGURU)>>> Your cuddle muffins are so cute! (I do mean the dogs you know... ) ;) Thanks for...  Show Full Comment
  • 4/2/06 - Parymdkahhh totally kewl sig. AND works perfect with your life right now :)
  • 4/2/06 - BlueFaeMoonlol... I love the pic of them sharing a bed, but enough space between for 2 more dogs. :) It...  Show Full Comment
  • 4/2/06 - daPuffin (CANEGURU)Sig is Tibetan prayer flags with daPuffin that Jenn made for me. Cool, huh?
  • 4/2/06 - Parymdkwill grab Peppers pic and scan it. I glanced at the gallery and saw...will peruse later. what is...  Show Full Comment
  • 4/1/06 - daPuffin (CANEGURU)Oh, more pix up at the critter gallery, too.
  • 4/1/06 - daPuffin (CANEGURU)Yes please, I would love to see a picture of Pepper.
  • 4/1/06 - ParymdkPS...that final picture of Mani....his face looks so much like my Pepper dog. will have to scan...  Show Full Comment
  • 4/1/06 - ParymdkI love the update and the new pictures....especially of the two of them sharing a bed. Opposite...  Show Full Comment
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