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Really Easy Clay Pot Lighthouse

01 photo 036 630x1000_zpsc0nbitas.jpg

     These are so easy and adaptable that even I can make them, and I'm not creative. I went to Lowe's and experimented with the different sized clay pots until I'd found four pots and two saucers that worked well together.

     I spray painted the largest saucer with Stone spray paint. It could also have been painted black or red and turned upside down to sit the largest pot on top. I spray painted all the pots white. 
02 photo 068 1000x750_zpsi95xqeuz.jpg
     I used aluminum foil and painter's tape to cover everything but the rims of the pots. 
03 photo 062 1000x750_zpsf3u8tidg.jpg
     Painter's tape is so wonderfully forgiving. It can be positioned easily, and if a mistake is made, it can be repositioned with no trouble. 
04 photo 070 959x1000_zpsqos4cnpa.jpg
     And it's easy to fill in the gaps. 
05 photo 063 1000x750_zpsoikyl3ec.jpg
06 photo 066 1000x716_zpspsbbpdmx.jpg
     I used Rustoleum paints, but any good outdoor paint will work. 
07 photo 073 1000x727_zpsofppxsd6.jpg
     First, I sprayed the undersides of the rims, 
08 photo 075 1000x573_zpszhyud9kk.jpg
then I turned the pots over and finished. [I also sprayed some extras for something else. ]
09 photo 077 1000x750_zpsbcayxuhu.jpg
     After 24 hours, I removed the tape and foil, used a stencil to draw the doors and windows [I said I'm challenged. I can't even draw a straight line.], and painted them with black gloss acrylic Patio Paint. An inexpensive lantern with a flickering LED candle inside finished it off. I plan to place the pebbles from that bag all around the base to give it the look of a lighthouse on a rocky cliff. 
01 photo 036 630x1000_zpsc0nbitas.jpg

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