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Clay Pot Garden Doll

     These dolls are inexpensive and easy to make.  

00 photo 026 625x1000_zpsgdllwgwy.jpg

01 photo 001 843x1000_zpsdwc3u28a.jpg

     The shoes are made for 18" Madame Alexander dolls. I found these on ebay.  

02 photo 003 1000x750_zps2gh5g3dq.jpg

     7/8ths inch dowel rods cut in 3" sections and painted pink.  

03 photo 004 1000x802_zpsh34m8yuz.jpg

     I made good use of the glue gun today. 

04 photo 013 1000x957_zpsghznc7qv.jpg

     There are many ways to do this. I glued beads on the parachute cord to space the pots for the arms and legs. Working with the hot glue gun on Non-Stick aluminum foil helped. 

05 photo 006 1000x750_zpsfa7pjoki.jpg

    I also glued each bead in place as I worked. 

06 photo 012 1000x750_zpsjadphmfn.jpg

     I measured an inch from the previous pot and marked the cord to glue the next bead. 

07 photo 009 1000x820_zpsxtwqs7tp.jpg

08 photo 011 1000x750_zpstwjl8mpb.jpg

     My plan to run the cords through the opening in the pot went awry when I discovered I had oh so efficiently glued the saucer to the bottom of the pot. Dave helped me drill holes in the side of the pot instead. 

08 photo 005 1000x750_zpsxlrr52gz.jpg

     I positioned the cords to have the arms and legs hang like I wanted...

09 photo 015 743x1000_zpsqpbpp8nr.jpg

     Then I glued and positioned and glued everything within an inch of its life. 

09.5 photo 014 1000x750_zpsqvxlnpbi.jpg

10 photo 016 1000x750_zpsuspoqcii.jpg

11 photo 018 1000x750_zps8zfikx3o.jpg

13 photo 025 1000x750_zpsjvmq5jvn.jpg

     Before I think about leaving her out in the weather, I'll seal her well with polyurethane spray...if I put her out in all sorts of weather. 

photo 027 707x1000_zpsue8tytkn.jpg


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     I'm convinced that there are many more bad recipes than there are bad cooks. The problem is that sometimes decent cooks use bad recipes and then believe that the poor results are their fault.

     When people print recipes in cookbooks, magazines, etc. or when they post them online, they seldom tell the pitfalls or the little tips needed to make the recipe turn out well. And, too, quite a few printed recipes contain typos!

     I search for recipes that are good. Dependable. I'm not a chef. I'm a mother and grandmother who's been cooking for >45 years.

     I believe that any recipe posted for the general public should be one that I can master. If not, there's something wrong with the recipe.

     I post my successes and my failures, and tell what I learned when following each new recipe. I learn more from my mistakes. I don't know what that says about me.

     The very best recipes are the ones that are inexpensive, delicious AND easy. And there are a lot of those.

     Sometimes, I spend a little more and work a little harder for a recipe that seems to be one that will make people really happy.

Thanks, Linda

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