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My New Grandson

Aaron and Mommy
Aaron and Dad
Aaron and Mommy (photo by Dad)
Aaron and Mum (Grandmom, photo by Dad)
MINE!!! (photo by Dad)
Aaron and thrilled Aunt (photo by Dad)
Aaron and ZZ (Granddad, photo by Dad)
Hey, who's the old guy? (photo by Dad)
Aaron and Big Sister Kira
Aaron Lee, day 1

Seven years ago, my oldest son left home to be with the woman he loves. I wrote at that time expressing my concerns that he wasn't ready, that he wasn't mature enough, that he wasn't thinking clearly. I also wrote that I didn't think I was ready.

They were married three months later. The following year they welcomed Kira Marie into their lives. Again, I wrote expressing every parent's normal concerns that they were too young, just starting out, that they were not mature enough or experienced enough to start a family, that they were not ready to be parents. And that I was not ready to be a grandparent. I even had a hard time saying the "g" word.

There is a world of difference between the young couple then and now. They've weathered adversity, job layoffs, and the typical bumps in the road that most couples face. Their daughter is a happy, bright, outgoing marvel, a credit to her parents' love and patience. And you can see the love in their faces at being together. I'm never more proud of my son than when I see what a terrific father he is. And they've stuck together. They've matured. They've kept their heads in the worst of times. They share their joy in good times. As they did a week ago.

On Monday, December 18th, they welcomed Aaron Lee into their family. A big, strapping eight pounds, fourteen ounces. I held him in my arms that night, and darned if he didn't lift his head and look me square in the eye. This is one kid who's going to meet life on his own terms, head-on. Like his father.

Do I think my son is ready? Yes. Me? I'm still not sure. But I'm having too much fun watching him with his children to worry about it!

Welcome to the world, Aaron Lee. You're in the best of company.


Comments (4)

  • 8/13/07 - Sunshine210Congrats on a beautiful healthy grandson! I have a granddaughter who is roughly 5 months older than your grandson. I look forward to updates from your blog.
  • 2/3/07 - Aunt (or as Pete says-Anut) EdeeMuch love to all. They amaze me sometimes. I worry when they face hardships but they never seem to let it get to them. Josh and Jill are the poster children for "Love Conquers All" I love you all.
  • 12/26/06 - Interrobang (INIONDIA)You make me smile. A lot. I don't know of anyone who is ever ready to have a child; or a grandchild. It doesn't matter. They come into our lives and steal our hearts, and we pray that they don't break them. You are a lucky lucky man. And that makes ME very happy, indeed. Mandy (the inion Dia)
  • 12/26/06 - PunstergalWhat a great holiday gift for the whole family!! Little tyke has the same birthday as me(I just KNEW this was going to be a good year!) Grats on the addition, and (((HUGS))) to the whole lot of you. -- Gwendolynn aka punstergal
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