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There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.
-Ansel Adams

In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.
-Alfred Stieglitz


Picnic Pics

No prawns here, these are REAL shrimp on the barby.
And more shrimp. A LOT more shrimp!
Barbecue ribs
Funnel cakes are a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch (Amish) treat. Think doughnuts strung out and deep-fried, then....
...dusted with powdered sugar, and voila!
Cole slaw with a garnish of parsley and a turnip flower
Mini W&Ws for the ice cream
Gummi bears? On ice cream??? Why not?
Enjoy your dessert... with my condiments!
Cry "Picnic" and let's cook the dogs and more!
Sausages with sauteed peppers and onions on fresh-baked rolls
Ok, it's not food, but would you rather eat cole slaw with your fingers!
Rainbow sprinkles.. or jimmies... or --- what do YOU call them?

Come one, come all. You're invited to a virtual picnic! Help yourself to shrimp-kabobs, burgers, dogs, sausages, salads, fruit, and the sundae bar! There's plenty for all!

My family works for a day camp that runs corporate picnics on weekends. I remember as a kid that picnics were a special occasion. Why do people love picnics so much? Summer. Fun. Games. Family. Friends.

And, of course, food. Tons of food.

Chicken, the skin browned and crisp. Ribs falling of the bone with a smoky sauce you just have to lick off your fingers. Corn straight from the farm's roadside stand with melted butter that runs down your chin. Plump, fresh shrimp marinated and grilled lightly with chunks of pineapple and onion and bright red cherry tomatoes. Fruit so full of juice you can practically drink it through the skin.

Hungry yet? Enjoy!


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  • 6/19/06 - KirasmumYum!
  • 6/14/06 - LargejakeOh sure now I find out "pool boy" brought use used shrimp.
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