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Psycho died on Friday the 13th of April.  She drank herself to death.  It has been quite the ordeal.  She was cremated and her family is having a memorial on the 5th of May.  I will be so glad when this is all over.  Youngest daughter hardly blinked an eye and the only time she gets sad at all is when her sisters bring it up.

Also, we are getting the house ready to sell.  We want to move to Phoenix in August or September.  Oldest son gets out of school July 22nd and we can move after that.  We got the outside painted and the ceilings painted as well as tile in the bathrooms.  A friend is going to make new bathroom counters and then we have a little more painting to do and get a new fence around the property.  I sure hope it sells for a good price.

I can't do much of the work since I am traveling all the time now.  DC... NYC...Atlanta...San Jose... I don't even know where I am anymore.  But I have to push for a little bit longer.  I have to get things paid off before the move and then get Hubby through flight school. 

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