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The End

I have been strugling lately to find something to write about here.  I am not the same woman that started this blog.  She died back in the summer of '09 I think. 
I started this blog back when I could feel a major change coming.  My sister the astrologer would have some planetary explaination for the major shift, but all I knew was that I could feel it.  I just knew.  I knew my career was changing, I knew my marriage was ending, I knew I was in for big changes.  I also knew they wouldn't be easy and that I would need a place to write.  So my blog was born.

The changes came and I dealt with them the best I could at the time.  I made some good decisions and some bad ones and I rode the roller coaster where it took me.  I reached the bottom of the darkness in the spring and summer of '09 and I wasn't sure I even wanted to make it out of there alive.  But I did.  And I began to grow into a different person.  I like to think I grew into the person I should have been all along if it weren't for some of the events of my past. 

So here I am a stronger, more confident woman who is facing her fears and taking in life.  I have such abundance.  I have love and support and dreams for the future.  So I struggle as to what to write here.  How many times can you say that the career is blossoming nicely and the home life is fabulous without becomming monotonous? 

I will more than likely come back and write some milestones occasionally.  A Prolog if you will.  I will have one to write when I finally get my pilot's license, and maybe something about moving home to Phoenix eventually. 

It has been good to have this place when I needed it.  Thank you for sharing my journey.

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