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My Personal Journey towards my B'nai Mitzvah

My thoughts, struggles, and steps in embracing my faith and history.


ahhhh Mentalpause

I just have one thing to say...ok maybe two. Not bleeding rocks. 24/7 hot flashes SUCK!!

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ParymdkA little bit of nothing about me: I was born many many many years ago to a human mother and human father. I grew up. I became a paramedic. I lasted a very long time.....24 years to be exact >g< During the final 10 years of my life as a paramedic I got sucked into the art world when I took up stained glass as a stress release from work. When my job ended due to an injury I worked my glass some....and then wonder of wonders I discovered polymer clay and the insanity began. Now...I combine glass, clay and wire work to make creations from my heart and soul. Some day my web site might even reflect the addition of clay and wire work to my art work.
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