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"...for signs and for seasons, for days and for years.." --Genesis 1:14

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readercatAs Readercat, I've been a Delphi member since 2000. Since my first wanderings into the neighborhood, I've met many new friends and conversed about dreams, literature, various health concerns, spiritual perspectives, women's issues, teaching, cats, and gardens.  My career is education with a specialization in adult literacy.  In some of my concurrent nine lives, I also participate in book groups and try new skills in digital photography.  .
«October 2018»
4 June 2006

A time to be born

We had no idea this little creature was curled up amid the foliage.  Then it stood up and let us stand there and look at it...I of course had to go get the camera.  I'm guessing the fawn is a day old, maybe less, but not newborn.  Maybe we saw its first steps.  The mama was hiding in the bushes.  Good thing we hadn't found a cougar kitten :)



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