From: Clint (LCRAGSDALE)

Date: 9/12/11

Here's a look at this fall's sci-fi and fantasy tv series premiere dates.

Fall SF Premieres (All times Eastern)
09/15 08pm     The Vampire Diaries (CW) 3rd Season Premiere
09/15 09pm     The Secret Circle (CW) Series Premiere
09/16 08pm     Star Wars: The Clone Wars (CARTOON) 4th Season Premiere
09/23 08pm     A Gifted Man (CBS) Series Premiere
09/23 09pm     Fringe (FOX) 4th Season Premiere
09/23 09pm     Supernatural (CW) 7th Season Premiere   
09/26 08pm     Terra Nova (FOX) Series Premiere
10/01 10pm     Bedlam (BBCAmerica) Series Premiere
10/07 10pm     Sanctuary (SYFY) 4th Season Premiere
10/16 09pm     The Walking Dead (AMC) 2nd Season Premiere
10/21 08pm     Chuck (NBC) 5th Season Premiere
10/21 09pm     Grimm (NBC) Series Premiere
10/23 09pm     Once Upon a Time (ABC) Series Premiere

Mid-Season/Early 2012 (Dates and Times TBA)
Alcatraz (FOX) Series Premiere
Awake (NBC) Series Premiere
Being Human (BBCAmerica) 4th Season Premiere
Being Human (SYFY) 2nd Season Premiere
Merlin (SYFY) 4th Season Premiere
Primeval (BBCAmerica) 5th Season Premiere
The River (ABC) Series Premiere 
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