From: Shannon (SNOWBIRDI)

Date: 6/16/11

Wow, I haven't checked in for a long time. I know my last post made me sound like I was at a breaking point and honestly, I was. We spent most of our summer at that status. But then he went to Kindergarten and it's like a whole new world of possiblities opened for him and us. He's been on Ritalin for over a year now and it's still working great. Gets two 10 mg doses, about 4 hours apart. Which means afternoons and evenings are still crazy but then he gets Melatonin at 8:30 which allows him to sleep. He's usually out by 9:30 and sleeps until 7 or 8. He needs his sleep and we need our time away from him. He's done such a great, amazing amount of growth this last year. I'm really so proud of him.

Yet, here we are again with me...I am not back up to my highest weight ever but I'm pretty up there. And now I'm officially pre-diabetic. I'll be 38 this Nov and I'd like to get another 40 years or so out of my body so I need to do something. I went to the pre-diabetic class but being a Medical Assisting student, I didn't learn too much new. However there was a short section on exercise which has always been the 10th dimension of hell for me. Eating is the 9th. Yet...I gotta do something.

So yesterday I ate fairly well for breakfast and lunch. Dinner wasn't too bad but more carbs than I should have had. I also spent 30 minutes sitting on the exercise ball. Sitting, yes I count that as exercise because if you've never sat on one, you don't realize that it's not just sitting. It's balancing and using your core muscles which for me, are buried under layers of fat. I felt them working.

Then this morning, while the kids are at their respective camps, I walked 6 laps on the school track. I think it was 30 minutes, I was judging by the songs on my iPod (Thanks Lady Gaga for the motivation). I'm going to eat a banana and then sit on the ball again while I watch "Hot in Cleveland". I am worried about how sore I'll be tomorrow because usually once I'm sore I quit. But I can't quit because I don't want to be a Type II Diabetic. Even with my family history and gestational diabetes history, I don't want to accept that it's my fate. So I'm going to try to get in exercise every day, at least during the week. If I can get up in the morning I can walk before DH goes to work since kids are home this summer. There's a trail I think I can get them to walk on with me after I start to exercise more frequently...don't want my kids to have to try to drag Mom to the car :)

So I'm back again. So happy to see this blog is still here so I can get inspiration from someone who can make this work ...ME...years ago.

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