From: WaltBrown44

Date: Dec-1

thanx to impy, the waltbrownwed blog-imp crows 'ferget wot ye red beforn!!!

Nutley Springfruit, a person of unusual, borderlion, officially unCERTan breath (it is estimated as Near Certain by Futurists & Rival Canned Dog Food FutureRotarions and FutureGoosers (we 'goose the Future until it reveils its most smokin' segocrettes, so no one else will know the truth butt ugly us....  Having lost & found for SirraTan (SirraTan relieves SunBunBurn Irritation -- 'Girlfrien Jill 'Boylfriend Joe:I'm gonna rip yer faceoff unless you relieve or at least relive yourselfit my sunburnit agony w/o any ecstacy!) 
Soft/slow-speaking, reinsuring boyfriend Joe: 'Honey didyaknothithit by the year 2027 all Americans will be required to suck on Certs or some governmint sucker like it  like them on a severe regimint at severeal carefully spacedout times a day.... Due of corset to the expected 64% reduction in personal space by that future date regargalling the net average distants betwean a given parson or dotter or sieve-illion and the and the net $werfth$ of the near rest persun to the uther person not counting the original or randumnly selected person itself!! Also determinted willbe the prizzon wreckard & networth  of said sad pair, individuoily.... and the average spatial distance between the two randumbly selectered  people unless said first selected perzone is so remotely sit(or stand)uated with no nearby 'comparatives' within lightyears or at leest sound-years or, minimoley, birp(excuse ME!) -years.... idylically seeking pairs or pears who are interacting being a mere 3 inches to 3 feets apartite with lots of 'inadvertent ' contact occurring that will be minimized if not eliminated for the wealthy by their personal Force Fields holding back if not sending nearcombers flying back gas-propelleted if nut dental floss over teak kettle!!  I  all but beings who have 'unlimited access' to the Import Tent person face several feet with electroshock 'penalties' for ...but of chorus none while sleeping which will carry a $1,000 fine (estimated to be about $3.32 accordian to todays' latest Dollar Hollower  $money$) report...  Human sitizens (unauthorized movement by legs will be rare and awkward by those who take the risk....i.e. 10 years in maximum insecurity prison for anyone found to be walking more than 5 steps in lieu of their    least six Certs according to Skunkville Health & 'well, fair...' authornities (our ad vice...keep yur tisdance...) comments a once close (e.g., 3feet avg dis stance) but increasingly distant (30' or as much as an enclosed space will  friend) quality, & gender, and/or apepearance...

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