From: Showtalk

Date: 12/6/13

It's happening again.  X Factor dumps contestants at the rate of 2 a week, running through them faster than they can prepare a good-bye "sing for your life" number.  Last night Rion was sent packing by Simon because the other contestant had fewer options.  What that seems to mean is that the guy, Carlito, doesn't have enough charisma or ability to make it in the biz, but Rion has a built in country market waiting to buy her music.

What it really means and Simon isn't saying, is that this year he has two strong groups, Alex and Sierra plus Restless Road, either of which could and should win.  The final showdown could be between the groups.  They are the best of those left standing and the most marketable. The last two winners have all but disappeared from public view.  Both Melanie Amaro and Tate Stevens had such poor sales, they were dropped by their labels and have left the building. We haven't seen them return this season, either.

Who are you rooting for to win?

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