From: Veritas et Caritas (PAT63310)

Date: 11/21/07

Tuxedos and all other sorts of formal wear and formal wear accessories are available online from Discount Formal Wear, with free shipping offers with a minimum purchase.

When you buy formal wear, getting all the accessories is part of the hassle, and with rentals can make the price grow and grow. At Discount Formal Wear you can buy complete packages that contain everything but the socks. And yes, they also sell formal socks! Shoes, too.

If you hurry, the current special offer is for a complete package with tuxedo jacket, pants, cummerbund, studs, cuff links, shirt and even the bow tie for an incredible $199.95. Even if you only rent a few times a year, this can actually be cheaper and much nicer and more convenient than wearing a rental.

Buying Tuxedos can be convenient and save money when you buy online. Think about formal wear as a nice surprise for those spring graduates who will need these for proms and other special events.For those planning weddings, the whole wedding party could save a bundle.

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