From: Megan (megan92302)

Date: 10/3/07

When my kids were growing up I had an obsession with makeing afgahns and sweaters to keep them warm. They got married, and my interests in crafting shifted to makeing  their houses looking pretty. They had kids (now 9 of them to date) and one on the way.  My interests lay in doing things for the grandkids cuz all of their houses are stuffed full of my afgahns, doillies and tableclothes. lol

So now I'm older. I have different problems like arthritis in my fingers and I change the range of motion in my fingers so satisfy that problem of pain.............and then there is the problem with my feet getting cold all the time so hence, the idea of socks came into my life.

This passed few years I have researched all kinds of different ways to make socks.......toe up, cuff down....sideway socks...socks with two circular needles,,,socks with 5 dp needles. And I have books that could fill a library with tons of patterns. Still, I am obsessed with socks...and probably always will be.

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