From: KrysNyte (KRYSN)

Date: 9/27/17

Wow, It's been a long time.  :D   

I just read these posts and it definitely shows me how messed up my memory is.  I have had two relationships since that one, and that boyfriend was NOT the best ever, he was a lying cheater that broke my heart and my wallet, and the next one was just as bad.  

Right now I'm cautiously reigniting the last romance, with Jose Barahona, because our story together was very fucked up.  

Anyways.  I don't have anything to rant about today, the politics of the day is fucked, my life is fucked.  (Broken leg and broken finances)   I do have a house as of right now that I adore.  My son is living with me for the moment.  Nothing else to say. :D 

Later taters.

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