From: KrysNyte (KRYSN)

Date: 12/18/07

The Golden Compass Movie
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I saw it and it really seemed to me that the 'authority' was a communist government.  I know it was supposed to be God or whatever but it wasn't set up like the churches or the christianity of america today.  Only in that they tell you what you should and shouldn't do, what is a sin and what isn't.  But these people layed it down that you could and couldn't do this or that.  It was as if the church was the government and they dictated every aspect of the lives of the members of the church.  It was much more akin to a dictatorship or a communist regime or a strict royal government. 

And it was pretty blatant who the bad guys were and all that but I have a hard time believing that any child would get the idea that their church or their religion was in any way the same as the Gobblers or the Authority in this movie. 

You can protest it that is fine.  There were protesters there last night but they were very civil and I felt that was really good.  I think it is wonderful that they feel that strongly but yet, I feel that way because they were protesting in a manner that did not try to stop people from going in if they wanted to.  They seemed to want to inform people of what the author's views were.  That is fine, but saying STOP THIS MOVIE, I think isn't right because if people want to see it they should be able to see it..  Especially because it is really neat.

The bears were awesome.   And I mean that literally.

Forgive my punctuation and my non capitalization and spelling and all that jazz.  I was in a hurry.

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