From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 2/24/08

Dear Mothers of Daughters....

Do me a favor? Take your child, as soon as she is capable of bearing a child and put her on good RELIABLE birth control. The pill, Depro-Provera shots, Nor-Plant... something... anything... just do it okay? This way you will be avoiding heartache. This way your young teen daughter will not come up pregnant, this way there is a back up method in place just in case the boyfriend has a condom "accident."

Did you notice how the word accident was in quotation marks, and bolded, and red? It is done so for a reason.

As I type this, there is a girl sleeping in my basement who is ohh just about 6 weeks pregnant and YES my son is the father. Let's see... what's the problem with this?

1. My son is 19. Not 20, not 25, not 30... he's 19

2. My son is a high school drop out who thinks that he doesn't need an education because he's not mature enough to realize the fucked up reasoning he has

3. My son is 19, uneducated and UNEMPLOYED... and this better change REALLY fast or I'm going to de-ball him myself

4. My son is 19, uneducated, unemployed and trying with all his might to make me beleive that the condom broke. ( not buying FTR.)

The girl?

1. The girl is 17 ( but she'll be 18 before the baby comes like that makes a whole hell of a lot of difference)

2. She is 17 and she is in school and at least so far is planning on staying there

3. She is 17 and in school and unemployed as well

4. She is 17 and in school, unemployed and has a kidney condition that is life threatening and is PREGNANT

Oh and here's the cracker... THEY THINK THEY'RE LIVING UNDER MY ROOF.

The other grand mother and I are going to have a little discussion... she seems hell bent on blaming my son for this little "mistake."

1. It is not a mistake, in this day and age BOTH of these teens know about birth control and how to use it, what this is, is selfish ignorance and now they have to man up and woman up and do what needs to be done.

2. I can give my son a condom and tell him how to use it and PRAY and PRAY and PRAY that he does, but unless you have taken YOUR daughter and put her on some form of birth control you are asking for her to become pregnant and guess what? She is... I saw the pee stick myself.

3. What exactly do you think screaming at her and threatening to take her baby away is going to do? GROW THE HELL UP and get with the program, you are going to be a grandmother, just like I am going to be a grandmother and guess what? If we as grandmothers get on the same page we can make sure that there isn't another child coming in about a year after this one.

To the mom's reading this... to the dads too for that matter...
If you have a son. Bring him here and let him read this, make sure he understands that this is his worst nightmare, scare him, shake him, slap him upside his head, but make sure he doesn't let this happen to him.

If you have a daughter, bring her here and let her read this, show her, talk to her, TAKE HER AND GET HER ON SOMETHING, if for no other reason than to have peace of mind.

This is a mess, and I am not about to pretend I am happy about it. I am not about to pretend that I am okay with it. I'm not okay with it, I am not happy about it, and what's even worse is that I have no choice in it. They have somewhere around 7 months to prove that they have every intention to be good parents that can provide for their child or I, as a grandmother and responsible adult will have no choice but to call a child protection agency and you bet your ass that I will do it.

Childhood ended yesterday morning when the pregnacy test came up positive... The game is over, time to grow up.

I am annoyed, ashamed and pissed as hell at my son... not just this son, but the older as well who's girlfriend terminated a pregnancy some months back.  I have talked, and talked and talked and talked and talked to my sons until I have become breathless and blue in the face. They KNOW... fucking right they know... look at who their mother is, they know about sex and sexuality and they know how to wrap it up. They know how babies are made and they damned well know how hard it is to be a parent... and look at where all my warnings and preachings and yes even beggings have gotten them.

If they're man enough to make a baby, they're man enough to support one and they're man enough to do it out of my house....

Some hard rain is about to fall around here... grab an umbrella and take cover!

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