From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 7/24/07


I looked up at the constellations
In the midnight sky
Thought up a bunched of unasked questions
But I never thought to try
I watched the sun come up this morning
In my quiet, softer way
And although the words were floating all around
Couldn’t think of a thing to say
Sometimes questions should go unanswered
Sometimes words are not enough
And if you take the time to look and really see
You’ll find that diamond in the rough
You know that I’m not much wishing
And I’m just not the praying kind
I’d rather sit alone, to think and contemplate
All the questions in my mind
I looked up at the constellations….


Axis Point

If today is the middle
of the axis of forever;
what then of tomorrow?
What then of yesterday?
Are yesterday’s dreams moot,
do they become void?
And what happens to the wishes of today
when tomorrow becomes today
and the axis of forever


I Love You

I love you
now, then, forever, always
what was is, what is was and what was shall ever be
I love you

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