From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 7/19/07

1.    Thou shall not stick thy nose in where thy nose clearly does not belong. This is commonly known as cutting off one’s nose despite the face and magnifies the size of one’s idiocy.

2.    Thou shall not come to the defense of someone that thou hast not met in person for there is no way of knowing lest thou doeth know said person in person and therefore thine opinion of a person is moot lest thou hath been in the presence of the person thou are hell bent on defending.

3.    If thou are compelled to speak against a person thou shall not wait until a person is gagged or banned before doing so, this action verifies three things; thou art an asshole, a chicken and most assuredly a whack!

4.    Thou shall not speak of things that thou hath no personal experience of, unless seeking the advice of those who do have experiences to share.

5.    Mind thine own business and do not demand public recounting of private matters.

6.    Thou should expect and accept all ill favor gotten from being a busy body.

7.    Thou shall not start a thousand threads asking the same questions over and over again. Dead horses shall not suddenly spring to life no matter how much thou doest beat them.

8.    Thou are not so special as to sway the opinions of free thinking people and no matter how much brown-nosed ass kissing thou doeth perform, it will not sway the actions of those with hammers. Best to leave it alone before thou finds thyself beaten to death with said hammers.

9.    Once thou have been labeled an asshole, a chicken and a whack it is damned near impossible to change this fact.

10.    Thy opinion means shit. Learn it, live it, love it.

**just some silly word play in the morning**

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