From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 7/4/07


It has not rained here since mid June. This morning it is raining. This makes me happy, we need the rain. I know there are some places in the US that have been severely flooded, the UK too for that matter; there has been rain all round us, but here? No rain until today and I hope against hope that it rains for the better part of the day.

I have been, in the last little while, consumed with seeking out before and after pictures of plastic surgery. On September 19th I am going to have my first consult with a plastic surgeon in regards to some body reconstruction. We call it body reconstruction because it should be deemed medically necessary and not “cosmetic,” although there is a cosmetic effect, there is medical need.  If you are or in the past have been a reader of my blog, or know me from certain forums, you will know that I have lost a bunch of weight and that I have been honest; perhaps to a fault; about what the experts and weight loss commercials don’t tell you.
I am seeking out a breast reduction and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck.) Neither of the surgeries is a small undertaking; and I, being the info junkie that I am, have bombarded my brain with the pros and the cons of each. Sometimes they can be combined into one surgery, but sometimes the surgeon is more comfortable performing two separate. I think I will leave that call to the expert, if and when I get approval for both.
I am not in the slightest concerned that the breast reduction will be denied. I have enough symptomology to warrant the reduction.  The tummy tuck however is a can go either way. I have the symptomology, but it seriously can depend on who is sitting on the case review board at the time.
 I don’t foresee a denial, but one must be prepared for all scenarios.
My mother, for the most part thinks I’m crazy for wanting to have someone hack at my body parts, but then again, and as I have told her, she doesn’t live in my body or deal with my pain, so she wouldn’t have the first clue as to what it is I am going through. I did show her some of the outer symptoms that I deal with and she cringed, so maybe it painted a clearer picture for her.

My eldest son is EMPLOYED… thank the Gods and all their little fishies! Now to get his 19 year old butt to actually save some money… It’s true when they say that beauty and youth is wasted on the young. By the time you figure out what it is you need to do, half the time you’re too old to do it!

I am off tomorrow to spend some much needed time with my 6 year old niece. In case you don’t know it, her name is Brielle and she is such a joy to me. I love spending time with her and getting to see the world through her eyes. She came along at a time when my whole family needed her, and because of that I call her Everybody’s Baby. I firmly believe that a child can never have too much love or encouragement, and I mean to make sure that this little lady knows without doubt and without fail that she is loved and can be anything she puts her mind to being.
Tomorrow is  pink streaks in the hair day. Her mother promised her that if she did well in school this year that auntie <aka me> could put six pink streaks in her hair.  She did exceptionally well in school, received a student of the month award from the school principal, and I think she absolutely deserves her pink hair.

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