From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 6/16/07

When you were a baby you were a bright, spirited and loving little girl. The world was your oyster and you demanded to see every square inch of it. You were sweet, charming and incredibly cute and you stole the heart of anyone who was privileged enough to spend five minutes in your presence.

I will admit that there were times in your life that I was jealous of my sister because she was granted the gift of you, a daughter, and she seemed so nonchalant about your existence. There were days and nights and times between that I wished that you were mine so that I could show you, teach you, love you and encourage you. There was something about you that screamed success and as much as I thought it true then, I still think it now.
You are destined for greatness, and I, as your auntie, will accept nothing less.

Life has been hard on you; this I know, but we will not have that as the excuse for why you can not succeed now.  You have become lost, almost invisible, but fear not, I still see you, the real you, the you that you were meant to be and together we are going to get you back on the road to all the success you deserve to have.

I have been where you are; I understand what you are going through, perhaps even better than you do. We are going to go away from the prying eyes and ears of well meaning family members and I am going to tell you my story so that you may draw strength from it and the courage to break away from the cycle of abuses you find yourself in at the moment.

I was abused, both financially and psychologically and before the birth of my first child, I too used drugs as my escape. I never meant to become addicted, I don’t think anyone ever means to become addicted and I thank the Gods every day for your cousin because it was through him that I learned what priorities were.
I’m glad that there is no baby right now for you, it’s hard enough to set yourself straight, but to do it when there is someone else to be responsible for is twice the burden, believe me.

Your soon to be ex; and oh yes he will be, with me in your corner he can not get to you; has not learned any lessons. His brother was murdered because of drugs, his friend was murdered because of drugs and I WILL NOT watch my precious baby girl be put in the ground because she didn’t know how to escape the grip of selfish, selfish people.

They have not stolen your spirit, they have merely exhausted your resolve and I mean to give that back to you.

You will not go hungry again. Do you understand that? I have a door, a bed, a fridge and two open arms waiting for you.

You are only 21. Your life isn’t over, it’s just beginning…we’ll do this together…

I love you.

~Auntie Rea

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