From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 5/1/07

I love this spring like weather, of course if anything could be considered a downfall it’s the fact that Delphi seems to slow way the hell down traffic wise. Sure it could be considered a downfall, but it is also a huge plus because hopefully it means that there are people out there doing things with their families.

Today is May Day or Beltaine… Beltaine Blessings to those that celebrate. May your grounds be fertile as well as your lives and may the year be filled with a bounty of triumphs!

On the news this morning they are reporting that phone calls from a public phone booth are going up to 50 cents a call. This is going to make the “keep a quarter” for a phone call method a little hard for young children. Children are famous for losing things. I can see a whole bevy of lost quarters out there in the world
They are also reporting that gas is expected to reach $1.08 a litre…this makes it approximately $4.08 per US gallon… ridiculous!
Now I don’t know what Americans are blaming the high gas prices on, but the claim this morning is that it’s America’s fault because there was a ‘problem’ at a couple of US refineries… who knows the why or the what or the how…I’m just wondering what the hell across the board.

The government here has a neat fix for those who decide to go vehicular green by purchasing a hybrid or other alternative fuel vehicle. They are going to jack the prices up because they WILL get their money one way or another.



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