From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 4/21/07

I will never figure out how some people can take a tragedy like what happened at Virginia Tech and make jokes about it.
My husband works for one of the largest automotive makers in North America at the moment and some dickwad at his place of employment really needs to meet the side of a clue by four…
Some ASSHAT where he works wrote on the bathroom wall, “30 dead at Virginia Tech, tomorrow, 60 dead at Honda.”

I hope they find the brilliant example of human compassion and fry his testicles over an open flame.

It’s not funny; it’s not even remotely amusing. What I can say for Honda though is that they take a hard line on stuff like this so when they DO finally discover who it was his ass will be grass. He will be fired on the spot and most likely arrested as well.

Here we are, living in a world that uses tragedy for comedic satire, uses racism as a means to incite laughter, and we the people( okay some of us and certainly not all of us), in our ignorance do what? We lift those who use it into the public eye instead of stomping them like the insignificant bugs that they are.

Yes I am opinionated on the matter. It is however my opinion and it is my blog…

When are people going to wise the hell up?

Some days it physically hurts to be human.

I am appalled.

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