From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 4/16/07

  All things must come to an end in their time. This is something that is a truth no matter how you look at it.
Something I have loved over the years is coming to its end and yet at the same time, it isn’t, it is, in fact, going to be reborn somewhere else in internet land.

 This of course leaves room for choice, some will choose to follow, some will chose to stay behind and some of us will chose to go off wandering down some long and winding dirt path that will take them to god knows where in the end.

  Some will think that we have outgrown each other, and while in some ways it is true, the core truth is that we have not outgrown, or grown apart, the truth is that we have come to love each other enough to not require constant contact daily and we have all become better people for the times we have spent together. 
 I am so proud to have known each and every one of the people who have graced these fine halls over the years. I have found some things out about me, through you; through the good times and the bad times and even in those lulled times in between.

  What started out as a bunch of faceless, nameless strangers, became a family in so many ways; we have shared our joys, sorrows and frustrations and given support and well wishes, and even prayer when needed.
The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful have all transpired here. The sane, the insane and some fine balancing act between the two.
 So as we dig through the rooms packing our suitcases of memories, smile at some things, laugh out loud at others, remember that each and every moment was and is a reflection of who we were and who we are yet to become.  

  Ms. Razi will be packing up her room, boxing up her special chair, taking her whips and chains off the wall and heading off into Wonderland.  One never quite knows what will happen through the looking glass, but with The Cheshire Cat guiding her with that grin of his that she adores, she will make way down the path unknown just fine.

  So dear Doxers... It’s been my pleasure, and it has most certainly been one wild ride at times and so I raise my glass to you, may you always prosper in everything that you do.

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