From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 4/14/07

I’m sitting here in the early morning hours with my WinAmp player on, listening to some music in order to drown out the banging in the neighbors yard. Oh what time is it? It’s 6:55 in the morning as I’m typing this. Oh why is there banging in the neighbors yard? Because there is a child outside and she has been out there since roughly 6.
This is something that ticks me off. Not because the child is outside, but because I know that her mother is still tucked in bed oblivious to where her child might be.  The child in question is 9 and if someone should go to the door and point out to the mother that the child was making inappropriate noise in the early morning hours, it would be bad for the child because of the mother’s abusive boyfriend, so there are days when one must pick their battles wisely. I know, I can guarantee that it would not be in this child’s best interests to have the adults in her life know that she was out and making noise, so I just won’t tell them. I will from time to time peek out my window and make sure that she is okay and when I see her playing outside with her friends I will call her over and ask her to not be out at this hour without her mom knowing where she is and explain to her that she woke me up. This way she knows that I disapprove and I don’t have to worry about her step-monster (mother’s boyfriend) coming down on her. I had a step monster in my life for a few years. They’re scary creatures when they are angry.

Speaking of picking battles….

What do you do when that cute little harmless puppy you thought was nice turns his tail under, bears his teeth and begins to look rabid? Why you walk slowly backward away from the dog and remind yourself that things aren’t always as they appear to be and you never again show your vulnerability to it, because it made it obvious to you that it isn’t interested in being your friend or getting to know you at all.
Someone who thinks he knows me, made an assumption about me; that my friends can be a dangerous mistake.
If you are good to me, I am, in turn, good to you. I believe in tit for tat, but if you are not good to me, in word or deed and I didn’t say in thought, word or deed because I really give not a shit what people think of me, but if you are good to me in word or deed then I consider you a friend and I really dislike it when someone goes and makes a boneheaded move or says something completely out of line and without basis about me and makes me have to re-evaluate my opinions of them.
One of these days people are going to understand that their “status” in life doesn’t automatically give them “class,” and to have class one doesn’t need to have a single red penny in their bank account.

 I am just as comfortable at a back yard BBQ as I am in the presence of kings; prince or pauper, it makes no difference to me, the one thing that I am ALWAYS... is a lady.
I’ve sipped my wine from fine crystal and from a Dixie cup. It’s never about the wine, but the company that shares it.
My mother, in all of her wisdom, did a wonderful job of teaching her daughters to always be ladies first. When you are crass enough to imply that a lady is a whore, you better make sure that the lady doesn’t have access to a gun; just sayin’.

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