From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 3/29/07

I read my horoscope today and it seems that my Muse has aligned herself with the stars and I am to create a writing project that will make me a “hefty sum.”

Okay, so to all you publishers out there; apparently I am going to create a project that you just won’t be able to resist and it’s going to make both you and me a good chunk of change, so why wait to see the project? Just forward a cash advance already and I promise I will come up with something stunning!

Hey the stars have aligned, this is my destiny!
(Oh and for those of you who don’t know joking sarcasm when you read it… that was it.)

On the lighter side however; writing is my passion and if I can make money doing it then I would pick that over all of the other jobs in the world because I can dig my heels in and stay at a keyboard for hours.
 In a perfect world I would ….but alas… this world is far from perfect… yet…

I know I have mentioned it before, but in case you weren’t paying attention or haven’t yet taken me seriously, you ALL need to take your asses to sign up and start voting!

This is an EASY way to feel like you are making a difference. There is no requirement for monetary donation, although they are greatly accepted, you only need to vote and those votes do count!
And while I’m on the subject… don’t be afraid to wish either.  It doesn’t matter what you wish for, wishes are important!

I keep telling people; and I mean this with all of my heart and soul; if I had the means <aka fat bank account> I would do my best to contribute a little something to every single wish on the site. People are so uplifted when they know that people have noticed them, see their plight, or feel their need or just say “This wish rocks!”
It’s all about the validation people!

Oh one more thing before I shut up about Robinhood fund… for now….

DON’T be mean! There are a few nasty’s out there that seem to get off on down voting people in hopes to increase their vote count.

That is NOT how the game should be played.

 I know the creators of the site made the voting system that way for a reason, but since learning that voting a 1 or 2 actually reduces the point count, I have made a solid decision. If I can’t vote at least a 3, for whatever reason, I simply won’t vote at all. No vote is better than a minus as far as I’m concerned. I think seeing a negative number actually makes people feel like their wishes aren’t worthy.
They may not seem AS worthy as some on the site, but they are nonetheless wishes and should be respected as such.

And since I am in a wordy mood and not quite ready to shut up yet…there is another GREAT THING that I want to tell you about.

From time to time I watch Oprah. I watched her show the day before yesterday and it was a good news show. On the show she featured Pastor Will Bowen of the Christ Unity Church in Kansas City, MO

Pastor Bowen came up with a bracelet campaign that I have no choice but to support. The idea is that you get one of their pretty purple bracelets and place it on your wrist. You then embark on trying to make it 21 days without complaining about a single thing.
If you do complain in the 21 days you must move the bracelet to the other wrist and start again. He chose 21 days because all of the leading scientists say that it takes 21 days to break a habit and/or adopt a new one.

I have ordered 25 of these bracelets and I intend to challenge those around me and closest to me to adopt this campaign.

What sparked my doing this? I have been noticing over the past little while that there seems to be more complaining than appreciating going with the people around me.
YES that was me complaining about the people around me complaining!

Cut me some slack… I haven’t got my bracelet yet!

If you are interested in the campaign or just want to learn more, this is where you should go

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