From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 3/27/07


Woman, do not define yourself within your own eyes
You never see the true you
Look at yourself through the eyes of others and then
Take stock of what really needs to change

Does your friend count every stretch mark?
Or the lines upon your face?
No, she loves you just the way you are
She understands your demons, she has them too.

Woman, do not define yourself within the eyes of fashion
They are in the business of selling lies
So few among us will ever be walking dress racks
Understanding and compassion bears no size

Is it really worth your sanity?
Starving you in order to be thin?
And what about the women of tomorrow?
They are watching as you become a slave to the unattainable.

Woman, do not define yourself within a skewed veil of perfection
Look at the everyday people within your community, your world
Different shapes and different sizes
Are they really all that different than you?

Be accountable
Accountable for your own happiness
Accountable for your own harmony
Be accountable to you.

Selling Out

Do not sell out your dreams
Not for anyone
Moods will fester like spoiled milk
If you always settle for less than…

Do not sell out your wishes
And make no excuses for them
Wishes are part of the soul
And everyone is entitled…

Do not sell out your happiness
Nor send it down the river of the unknown
You can not live on what ifs
Happiness is success you know…

Do not sell out your love
To the very first suitor that comes a calling
There is no Mr. Right
There is only Mr. I like you more than all the rest…

Do not sell out your sisters
And your sisters are the female of the species
Whether born into your family
Or some stranger in a different land…

Do not sell out to jealousy
Hating another woman just because you can
We need to celebrate each others strengths
And lift each other out of weakness…

Do not sell out the real you
To fit into some imaginary mould
Do not bury your uniqueness
Do not deny who it is you are…

Do not sell out…

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