From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 3/17/07

And Then We Danced

And you said “What about tomorrow?”
And I said “It’s too far away.”
And you said, “What about your sorrow?”
And I said, “I’ll keep it for a rainy day.”
And I said, “I think I’m gonna sleep now”
And you said, “Baby you need to stay awake.”
And I said, “What about the dreams then?”
And you said, “There are so much more to make.”
And then we laughed,
We laughed about it all.
And we talked
About how far we could fall.
And we laughed,
We laughed…

And then we danced…


I close my eyes
Instantly my mind is filled
With thoughts of you
Of all the things I once was sure
Were never true
You calm my fears
Just a look, a word and I am
Swept away
You dry my tears
Your kindness I’ll return to you
I’ll find a way

I'll Give You My Heart

I have but one heart
Please hold it gently
For it is fragile
And might easily break
I have but one heart
Easily loving
To have it crushed
Would be a tragic mistake
I have but one heart
Rhythmically beating
With the soul’s dance
It is keeping time
I have but one heart
And I’ll give it to you
But you must in the end
Remember it’s mine.

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