From: Dragoness (1Dragones)

Date: 8/3/11

Four years ago today, I made the first post on a new blog - my first blog post ever.  Thus began Dragon Views, which, today, is over 200 posts long and nearly 200 book reviews rich. Awhile back,  I decided that, with the lack of features on this blog, and all the problems which remain unresolved on Delphiforums, and the financial burden, DelphiPlus is no longer a viable option for me.  I have set my DelphiPlus membership to expire on 6/8/2012 7:48 pm. 

Delphiforums hasn't given blog owners any new features since they started hosting blogs in 2007, so, today, I am making the last post ever on this first version of Dragon Views. On July 15th, I closed this blog to comments in preparation for the move. Readers are very much welcome to comment on the Blogspot entries as applicable.

Fear not, however.  Dragon Views has not closed, it has merely been moved to a new location: The new Dragon Views will eventually have all the old, archived reviews, and all the newest reviews that I write. At this time, I still need to transfer some of the 2010 reviews and about 6 months of the 2011 reviews that have already been posted here, but new reviews are already being posted at the new location.

A year or so ago, I decided I wanted more features, and more from my blog, so I began to research the alternatives.  Blogspot gives me nearly all the same features I have come to enjoy here, along with several new ones that I've wanted for over a year.  The only thing I'll miss is the little calendar in the sidebar that highlights the dates on which I have posted - a feature that Blogspot does not have; at least to my knowledge.

So do visit the new Dragon Views if you've appreciated my book reviews in the past.  And to celebrate the grand opening of my Blogspot Dragon Views, I will be giving away a brand new, finished hardcover copy of Retribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon! Due to my financial status, the drawing will be limited to readers with a United States address, but anyone is welcome to comment on the new Dragon Views, where you will also find the details of the book Giveaway.

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