Date: 2/4/06


Crap . . . damn alcohol

I have been pissed off lately due to some issues with my laptop. 1.) my 40GB hard drive is full  2.) my IE6 has been broken for several months so I have been using Mozilla Firefox which is great, but it was piccing me off that IE didn't work, and 3.) I have found a couple of sites that I cannot view because my machine is out of date, or something.  ANYHOO!

I was having some cocktails and looking at a system on Dell's website (an XPS400).  I customized what I wanted for memory, HD, preinstalled softwre, etc. and then, like a freak, ordered the system.  All $1,577 worth of it!  Allbeit this is less than two weeks' salary but still, it makes me feel a little nauseated to spend that much all at once.  I hope to hell the system is COOOOL

On TV right now there was a commercial for some kind of hair replacement product. I hate this kind of crap. Why is our country so fond of taking advantage of desperate people!!!   more on this later

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