From: Cynde (Talley) Hartley '73 (CYNDE6)

Date: 4/12/13

At the end of my Thursday night Getting  Ahead Circles class, I learned one of our beautiful young classmates died this afternoon. I knew she was often sick and they have been unable to diagnose her. The last time she was in class she sat with me, and at the end, we do appreciations. She told me at that time, she had asked to be my ally. I held back the tears of pride at that time. Why me I wondered? Didn't really seem like we had that much in common.

Her story is pretty tragic. She pulled a 14x65 trailer about 200 miles to get away from a terrible ex, and raise her kids closer to her family who own and operate a successful Mexican restaurant in town. Not long after she moved here, she was in a car accident and fractured her pelvis. She was not expected to walk again. She had an infant at the time and was dependent on her family to help her. She makes beautiful jewelry and sold it in the restaurant for income.

My son told me when he first met her, she had no money and her a/c was not working well at all. He found an a/c in the neighborhood that some ppl gave him and he was able to rebuild hers enough to cool her trailer! She had nothing but good to say about him.

She was 33, the beautiful mother of 3. She wasn't feeling well and called her sister over. Soon 911 was dispatched. It's my understanding she was DOA but cause is not known.

Tonight I just can't hold back the tears. It was so strange that I was thinking about her this afternoon...must have been her reaching out to me one more time before she goes to take her final walk with the Lord. Rest in Peace my friend.

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