From: Cynde (Talley) Hartley '73 (CYNDE6)

Date: 4/1/13

I had a great day yesterday with about 15 grandkids...not all are mine directly, but they are cousins or whatevers to my bio-grand kids. They are no longer babies... upper elementary to middle school age. Nobody was was great!

I was told something that still disturbs me though... concerning one of my other grandsons not there yesterday. Kyzer got in trouble around Christmas time, for stealing a few dollars to donate to a school cause. He was harshly punished by being forced to stay in his room for the entire weekend starting when he got home from school Friday and ending Monday morning. He was allowed out for bathroom and to eat.

More recently, Jaden stole about $400 cash from her parents bill money. She was supposed to get similar punishment, but a week later, Jenn admitted she keeps forgetting she is grounded. When I said something one day, they said "oh yeah, Jaden, go to your room"... so I'm reasonably sure that was the only time she was punished.

Now...within the last couple of weeks, somehow, Kyzer was at Gavin and Jadens Dads house with them, and Kyzer supposedly stole $900 from Jack, the dad.

First...why would he have that much cash laying around? Is it possible that since Jaden got away with her incident with barely more than a light tongue wagging, he felt he could do it too?

I really fear that knowing first hand how Kyzer is treated like the "red headed step child", that SERIOUS issues are in his future. His mother pretty much gave him and his sister up for drugs and a chomo boyfriend, but Jenn thinks her mothering has counter balanced that. It just makes my stomach crawl.

Think I'll go take an Ativan now...the thought of all this upsets me.

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