Date: 11/3/18

wow, it has been 2 years since I was in here,  life has had me on the go .
things are still the same,  except for my daughter's little mini mare.
this mare breaks out in hives every summer,  we finally took her to cornell
for testing, poor thing is allergic to 17 things, mostly timothy and other grass,
weeds and hay, plus dust mites, mold, etc.  
now we have to figure out what to feed her, as my hay is the timothy plus 
orchard grass and other junk.  lol
daughter does not want to use alfalfa for fear of founder and colic, so she 
is opting for shots, which I will have to give to her. arggg. but I can do it. 

getting into fall weather, lots and lots of rain, which makes Mud Mud Mud.
I still have my old mini Lucky, going strong on good days. 
Our Pony and mustang both have turned 30 years old,  we had a birthday
party for them at the 4H regional show in July   .   

if anyone reads this and has any ideas on Hay for a miniature horse that does
not have timothy, please let me know. 
until I remember to stop in here again,   good luck, God Bless. 
Naydine,  aka ceramicgirl, or Lady Andy 

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