Date: 8/19/16

a lot of changes on the farm this summer.  my eldest son and his GF have been updating the barn and making it more modern and weather proofed.
mean time I have been dealing with health issues , sciatica so have not done much with my horses.  I have gone to 2 shows and getting ready for 
NY State Fair   I still have my Pleasant Acres Golden Boy aka Lucky  he has arthritis so bad and yet has a desire to live .   I let him out every day
on grass and let him walk around the farm as much as i can  due to heavy traffic. I have to be out there to watch him  as there are days, he can really 
move around.  
Vet said as long as he is eating, peeing and pooping  and does not get in a down position where he can not get up, he will do fine. 

as for State Fair, I have worked the pinto that I snow since the last of june.  hoping and praying he will listen to me,  the last show i had to cancel my 
driving classes with him , But I did put him in obstacle and hunter/jumper classes, he loved it,  that is what we are doing at state fair as long as  I can 
walk and keep up with him.  we also will have 3 driving classes.   

as for the other horses, they are all doing fine.  it has been a very HOT summer but they have stalls with room to move, plus can come out doors when 
they want to. 

so until later, that is the newest here. 
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