Date: 12/5/15

here we are in the last month of 2015, what a year.  so much has happened on the farm  this year. 
 my son has reconnected with his high school sweet heart, and she has moved in with him, Bringing
her herd of Goats and a horse.  she is starting her own business  with Goat Milk  and Chicken eggs.
yes, chickens have been bought and moved in.   
 all these changes means i have had to move my horses around  to give her enough stalls for 12 goats.
and another horse. surprising what one can do when it comes to push or shove.  We divided one big stall
and made 3 smaller stalls in it for three of the minis, the 3 smaller ones.   and the other one shares a full
stall with the pony.  they love it.    
 we had a good year for showing our minis,  daughter showed her little mare and brought home 7 trophies
and i showed my gelding, brought home 4 trophies,  a Great surprise for both of us.  
now it is getting time to get ready for the winter months.  Son has put in windows for a couple of my stalls 
in the back  which have always been open.   which will make the stalls warmer when the cold winds blow.
looking forward to next year's show season.   
until next year,  take care,  Have a Merry Blessed Christmas, Happy Hanahkuh, etc. what ever you celebrate 
at this time of year.   

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