Date: 3/26/15

wow  here we are into 2015 already.  so much has happened,  we had a rough cold winter. spring is trying to arrive, 
 the horses have done well thru all this cold and first time in years that they have been locked up in the barn. 
I've only been able to get them out of stalls a few times, too cold, too icy, too much snow. etc. but they have not 
complained,l which is unusual.  I guess they know what is best for them.  
  Changes have been made in my family life too.  one granddaughter and family just moved to Bolivia for a few years
to help grandson's family business. another Granddaughter just found out she is expecting her 2nd. child next fall. 
 as for me,  I am doing ok,  feel good, just feeling my age. 
 until next time,  take care     

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