Date: 7/31/14

It has been a while since I've been here.  we have had an unusually cold spring & summer so far.

most of our horses are doing fine,  my one mini,  Lucky  has arthritis, real bad, he has been going down hill since Jan. vet could not find anything wrong with him, then he got so he could not walk properly,  long story short, she finally got some x-rays and he has severe arthritis, in what is his shoulder,  on a human it works like our elbow. so he is very stiff legged,  I have him on special meds and joint supplements,  lately I've noticed he is more willing to walk.   I let him out every day so he can walk on his own at his pace.  biggest problem is, I can not keep the weight on him that he should have.
He is 21 yrs. old  so I am hoping he will get thru the winter.

 on another story, My little 14 yr. old Pomeranian had to be helped over the rainbow bridge, we noticed little spots of poop around the house, but nothing to amount to, so we started watching her,  she was not moving her bowels.  we had her x-rayed, and found that her intestines were completely full, and a good size tumor on her rectum, blocking the stools from passing. a hard decision to make but one that was best for her.
other than that, all is well here,   I've done one 2 day horse show, getting ready to go to state fair on 21 Aug.

until I get back here again,  take care, and may the Horse be with you. 

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