From: readercat

Date: 7/25/10

This lamp turned out to be just right for honoring the memory of my husband and his fascination with "retro" and mid-century light fixtures. Who knew that this lamp would become one of my favorites, with its round simplicity and floating leaf design. Now settled in the city in a smaller house, I find that the old home is still with me in so many ways, yet I enjoy ways of making the new place distinctively mine...although the connection between past and present is always there. The cozy back yard here has overhanging old trees, a squirrel or two, and a neighobor's yard with chickens on the other side of the back, chain link fence. In the sunny area by the wooden gate that leads to the driveway, rose bushes climb, and perennials and herbs thrive in big clay pots. When the cats stretch out in the shade, and wander about in the evening, I feel like I'm in a little Eden, just outside my back door.
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