Date: 1/23/06

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, also known as ADSL [], is basically DSL that has faster download speeds than upload speeds, which is perfect for home internet users who obviously aren't running servers that upload things to people (meaning they are downloading from you!). Why, exactly, did I make a post about ADSL?

Because It's MINE ALL MINE!!!!!!!!

I moved to my Dads in January of 2004 and about 6 months later, we got DSL. MAN it was great. I downloaded movies, songs, albums, cartoons, programs (all LEGAL ofcourse ;) and DAMN it was cool. I finally got to play on one of my favorite hobbies, Linux, and set up a linux server to learn how to script things, let people download off of me, give people usernames and passwords to host webpages off of me, and play on internet chat rooms (read: IRC). Fast fast fast fast fast!!!!! When I moved back to my hometown of Angleton about a year later (July or August of 2005), we STILL didn't have DSL access, so I've been using Dialup until then. But not anymore :) :) :) Everything is loading so fast again, I don't have to worry about doing something else for 5 mins while I let forums load up. I upgraded all my programs, updated all my messengers, updated virus stuff, ran Windows Update. HOLY CRAP i love this :)  When I get a router wiren in, i'll be setting up my linux box once again, but maybe I don't want to do that. I already have a website,, that I got from a GREAT website host,, I mean 20GB of space, 1000GB of transfer, 3000 email addresses, they will host unlimited domains and subdomains (, and if you sign up for 2 years it's only 8 bucks a month, otherwise it's only 10 dollars a month. GEEEEEEEZ. You see why I love this place :)

Anyway, Everything has been going good lately. My job is going GREAT, I found out that Fort Bend County has an abundance of projects, so they have assigned four to Brazoria County (my county). I got informed of this, and got asked if I would help take them on, which I had to agree...then they told me. What I'll be doing is re-doing the roads and drainage in Brazos Bend State Park (Texas). If you guys are not familiar with my area, which I'm sure most are not, well it's a real nice place with lots of birds and other animals, bike trails, hiking trails, picnic tables and BBQ pits for public usage. Maybe I'll take some charcoal and hot dogs and eat lunch everyday out there.  Life sucks, huh? Hah :D Best part is, we'll still just drive to Fort Bend field office to put things into the computer, because if we do it at the main office, the bossman will surely be breathing down our necks. Right? Right.

I bought a 300GB harddrive for $125 a couple days ago. can't hardly beat that.

I found a great program for downloading BitTorrent files, BitPump. Gives you lots of information about the download, barely uses any RAM at all, even when you have multiple downloads (I have three going right now). I fould out a program called SoulSeek is great for getting tracks or whole albums.  DC++ is good for movies and stuff. for BitPump usage. Fun times.

OK, off to bed. Until next time!
--Jonathan (CATCHER80)

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