From: Bud (BLorimer)

Date: 7/26/14

Just a little information about my recent health problems. I am doing some better right now. I am able to get out of bed and go to the dinning room to have my meals. Sometimes I'll sit on the side of the bed and eat, depending on how I'm feeling. I try to get up a few times a day, to eat or go to the living room and work on the computer some. I am trying to keep up with the Coffee Shop Gossip Forum. It sure don't take long for a lot of posts to add up tho. That is good, it means that a lot of people are posting.

Right now, I can't walk by myself. I have to hold to Margaret or Jennifer or Tony to get to and from the bed to the Jazzy, or from a chair to and from the Jazzy. The Jazzy is the only means of getting around in the house. I have no way of going out in the car to go someplace. I just don't think I have the energy to get in or out of the car at this time.

I sure hope I can approve in the coming weeks. I would love to get back to going in the car to dialysis and not using the ambulance. I really get tired of riding in that thing. I'll have to get better with my breathing first tho.

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