From: Bud (BLorimer)

Date: 7/12/14

I'm sorry for being so long posting anything here in my blog.  I am, and have been very sick for the past month.  I have evidently had a stroke that has affected my colon and lungs.  I don't have enough O2 to get any good breaths.  I wear my Bi Pap mask for the extra air that is forced into my bronchial tubes.

I am basically home bound.  I have gotten very weak during the past month..  I usually stay in bed most of the day.  I just want to sleep mostly. 

I can't go to any stores, restaurants, or malls. because I just don't have the energy or oxygen to do so.  I can't go anywhere except by ambulance.  They take me to dialysis 3 days a week.

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