From: Bud (BLorimer)

Date: 6/28/14

A couple weekends ago, I had what is called a Vegas Nerve Stimulation. Following this I was in a slight coma. I was unconscious for a period of time, and my lungs were affected. Now my lungs are just about shot. I am having a very hard time getting enough air to breathe. I am having to wear my bi-pap mask in order to get more oxygen forced into my lungs. I am now going to dialysis in an ambulance. I spent a good 2 weeks in the bed, sleeping most of the time, and not eating much at all.

The Hospice Nurse had a Respiratory nurse come and access me the other day. She took me through a bunch of breathing exercises that helped out a lot. Today I have been up out of bed part of the afternoon. Getting on the CSG forum and catching up on my emails.

I hope I can continue to improve.

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