From: Bud (BLorimer)

Date: 5/26/14

Friday: I did a lot better in dialysis. I weighed out at 103.8 kilos. That is several kilos less then I had been weighing out before. I had ben weighing out in the 104 kilo area for a long time. One thing that happened was that my B/P stayed up through most of the treatment.

Saturday: Margaret got some stones to make a wall at the edge of the driveway up next to the house. After she made the wall, she planted a yellow rose there. It had been in another flower bed. It was making it too close there. She also transplanted several of the pink azales from two of the beds to other beds in the yard. Three of them she moved to the front of the house in front of Indian Hawthorns.

I am hoping to go out to eat tonight for our anniversary, but I don't think Marg thinks I'm not in good enough condition for that. I have had to lay down two times today to rest.

Sunday: This morning Marg, Jen and I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We then came home, I went to bed for a while for a rest. My sister, BIL and one of their daughters came for a visit around 1PM. They brought us a very nice 4 in 1 crystal bowl/cake plate/vegi dip and chip bowl. For supper we grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. We also had shoe peg corn and French style green beans casserole, baked beans and potato chips. For dessert we had Some of our anniversary cake with ice cream.

We also had an edible fruit arrangement from our friends Marguerite, Heather, and George Johnson.

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