Date: 9/30/17

Where has this year gone?   It is the end of September. Everyday has been jammed pack with something to do. I have worked on WikiTree; networked on family history; helped others with genealogy; worked on accessioning books into the genealogy library; taken care of family matters; enjoyed grandchildren; visited historical landmarks; read three books; and gardened (sort of).    

The books were historical or genealogical in nature, of course.   One was Country Divine, a book based on the diaries of ministers in the 1700s and 1800s in Britain. The second, Hiding the Past, was a fictional book based on genealogy.  The third, Murder in Matera, was a story about a genealogist's obsession to uncover a family mystery in Italy.  I usually read lots of articles but actually sitting down to read a book has been a novelty in my adult life.   As a kid I would bring a stack of books home from the library and then constantly had a book in my hand much to my mother's distress.  She would often say, read after you get your chores done.  It was hard to do that. 

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