Date: 4/23/16

We had a genealogy roundtable  meeting today.   I went in early so that I could do some checking on what we have in the library for the Chalkley family. There isn't much.    I had worked some on the request and then tackled another project on the Bolling family.   I find it  difficult to finish any project. 

My closet was calling me this morning.  It asked to be thinned out and neatened up.  Spring cleaning is a must for this time of year but it sure is difficult. I read up on what the organizing and clutter control gurus say but  I find it hard to follow their directions.   

Tomorrow we have a quarterly meeting at the Old Yellow House, which is now painted white.  The house is sandwiched between a cemetery and the YMCA. It was the site of a civil war battle.   Going to this meeting is a great excuse to avoid finishing any projects.  

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